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Bought an ex demo XJ from stratstone Jaguar earlier this year. The purchase was carried out mainly by phone and email. During negotiations I received countless emails and calls with bits of information rather than collecting all details and sending a few comminications. Because of mismanagemt by Stratstone I needed to resubmit paperwork on the day of intended pick up but that was jeopardised because Of the distance from me in South East counties and Wolverhampton. Stratstone emailed the night before to say the car couldn't be handed over unless I recompleted finance papers (they had incorrectly spelt my forename on the original paper). Luckily I picked up that email WHY DIDN'T THEY PHONE. It was agreed I would drive to my nearest Stratstone in east London to resubmit papers. I arrived signed new papers and was totally ignored by all staff who were 'too busy in meetings'. My new car was waiting altho I was told it would be delivered to me at my home. It had been driven to London by a temporary driver not connected woth Stratstone. After waiting an hour the xriver and I were told by the drivers boss by phone we could both leave. NOBODY AT STRATSTONE. OTHERED TO TELL US. I drove away in the cst to find it had ben driven around 1300 miles more than advertised and stated on the paperwork. The fuel tank had enough for 35 miles altho the agreement was a full tank. Nobody completed or wanted to complete a handover. Nobody told me about online service history, nobody we t thru the paperwork, nobody went tbru the finance agreement. Nobody has ever got back to me to check my satisfaction with the csr. IF YOU WANT A JAGUAR GO TO A DEALERSHIP YOU KNOW. IF YOU WANT A CAR BOUGHT AS A SUPERMARKET EXPERIENCE TAKE A CHANCE WITH STRATSTONE. Personnally when i spend zround £50k I prefer a better experience, trestment and respect.   18-07-15


I bought a Jaguar XJ Portfolio from Stratstone Jaguar Wolverhampton in April 2015. It was an ex demo advertised with just over 3000 miles on the odo reading. The car was exactly the spec I had searched for and I agreed to purchase it witn a need/request to complete the deal in May. This clearly wasnt the news Stratstone wanted and for 3 days e mail followed email followed email to get the cesl complted before the end of April. Eve tually it was on the understanding Stratstone delivered the car to me in Kent. Before that I was required to drive to my nearest Stragstone desler in Woodfordcto sign papers which I did. The agrrement was in place to deliver the car to me on Thursday. At 4.30pm on the evening before Stztstone emailed to say there had been a hitch and I needed to go back to Woodford (London) to resign paperwork on the day of deliveru, return to Kent then await delivery. JUST FORTUNATELY I READ THE EMAIL. WHY DIDNT THEY RING LIKE A REASONABLY COMPETENT DEALER WOULD. I rang and said i was not happy but would do so. Stratstone promised to deliver the car fully fueled. The following day as I was driving into Strats t one Woodford, I received a call to say change of plan, I should collect the car at Woodford (part ex). It had been fully valeted, fuelled and readh to be handed over. I arrived at Woodford. The business manager was too busy to complete a handovet, no other staff seemed willing or interested. The only 'handover' was the delivery driver telling me the car had massage seats. Big handover, awesome. I Drove away and the fuel light came on. The car had t been fuelled. Tne car odo reading was well over 1000 more than advertised and confirmed by Stratstone Wolverhampton. On arriving home i found biscuit rumbx i. The 'valeted' armrest. I complained to Wolverhampton whrn I returned home. Later the following day I received an 'amazing offer' to compensate me. 10 years free Mot at Stratstone on the car worth '£350'. I pointed out 10 yrars is actuaaly 7 years on a new car and it would cost probably twice £350 for me to drive from Kent to London each year for a 'free Mot'. Stratstone didnt offer anything else for misleading me, misrepresenting the car details, poor management, unlikely valeting, no handover, no explanation of online service history, no apology. If you want service you expect in a supermarket Stratsyone are paasable. If you expect service from a Jaguat representative, keep away from Stratstone Wolverhampton.   07-06-15
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