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Called Nick to fix 2 showers and fix a wash basin. Thought he was a professional but really disappointed that he had to go out to get another basin as ours was wrong. He says that he’s professional and does complete a job, not a “cowboy” plumber but that is not the case at all.

We had to wait 1 week for him to get the basin, then he installed it but it had a leak. At this point he wanted the money, even though he didn’t complete the job. This was our mistake and we would be complaining to Trading standards about this behaviour.

After 6 weeks of calling and getting him to come, he first said he had the flu, with the coronavirus we understood and waited. After 6 weeks he came and spent 5 minutes but still didn’t fix the work.

We called him over and over again, yet now he’s being rude and doesn’t want to finish the work. He then says he has broken his ankle for 6 weeks, once again just dodging the work that he knows he needs to finish.

Definitely needs to understand what professionalism is when it comes to customers and finishing a job you promised.

We’ll be going to another plumbers now, thanks a lot Nick.

Tags: Scsm