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The team at Swiftsave have done a fantastic job in making my kitchen and bathroom plans become reality. The service I got from Aakash to help design and advise on other ideas was excellent. You know you’re dealing with a knowledgeable team when they all are able to answer queries and advise on best options and products. My experience in store was improved by staff taking time to speak to me by name and happy to help. As well as the support I got with design, alterations, updates on deliveries etc. from Aakash I’ve gotta also give a big shout out to Gurps, Jess, Alex and Mark who has a superb team working with him. I’m more than happy with the quality units, appliances and other items bought. The store has competitive prices that I’d say you’d find hard to beat, (after looking at other DIY stores). Well done to the team. Top marks all round. Wayne

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